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What is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing your website for search engines. It describes a set of best practices in web development that Google (and other services) want websites to follow in order to give everyone a better web experience. If you do follow them, Google rewards you by making it easier for people to find you on the internet – leading to more customers and clients.

SEO features include factors like site performance, content quality, security, and many other backend things we take care of to make sure your website and Google communicate with each other properly. It also involves the way in which your website interacts with others. It’s a complex project, but it’s one we take very seriously to ensure that Google prioritizes your company in its search results.

Why Use DeKalb Web Experts for SEO?

Because we’re the real deal when it comes to search engine optimization. The websites we build for clients are fine-tuned for performance and high rankings. The results speak for themselves: Google gives our own site here a very high rating (where 90 marks the top 8% of all websites).

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Google pagespeed rating of 43


Google performance score of 90

Search Rankings


Google search results showing client (Syco Escape Rooms) not found on relevant Google query


Google search results showing client (Syco Escape Rooms) as first 9 hits on Google for the same query, with half the search results page showing business information for customers

Custom HTML Markup for SEO

Custom HTML markup for search engine optimization for C.E.S. Inc., a client of DeKalb Web Experts

We put custom code directly into your site to help Google feature your business in search results. While redesigning websites for clients, we often find that their original developer did not employ this very important feature!

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